Types of Data

As rightly said data is the new fuel. So let’s talk about types of data.

There are basically three types of data :-

  1. Numerical
  2. Categorical
  3. Ordinal


In this type of data we have numerical values. It is of two types :-

  1. Discrete
  2. Continuous


Here we have discrete or exact values. For example :-  2,45,23 or sale any item in a shop etc.


Here values are in fraction and our not well bounded. For example :-  3.43, 4.54, or loading time of a webpage etc.


In this our data is divided into different classes or categories. For example :-  male/female, different races etc.

We may assign mathematical values to the classes or categories but they do not have the mathematical value. They just used for representation. For example:- binary classification 1 or 0 .


It is mixture of both numerical and categorical type of data. For example :- star rating to the movies. Movies belonging to different categories such 1-star,2-star,4-star and we know that mathematically that 4 is better than 2. Therefore both numerical and categorical are included.


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