Collaborative Filtering

The recommendation system is prove to be very helpful in increasing revenue for big platforms like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, Flipkart etc. Users are also introduced with items they like and they don't have to rigorously search for it. There is one method for recommendation system called Collaborative Filtering. It's of two types :- User-based collaborative … Continue reading Collaborative Filtering


K Means cluster , Decision tree , SVM

K Means cluster This a unsupervised machine learning algorithm. It form data into K clusters. Cluster are formed by choosing centroid. At first random centroid is picked. Iterating the process until centroid changes no more. Decision Tree In this algorithm flowchart of decision is formed on basis of that prediction is done. Every feature chosen … Continue reading K Means cluster , Decision tree , SVM

Getting Started With Matplotlib

Data Visualization is very important part of data science. It helps to explain our data to others. It helps us in understanding our data well. Without data visualization it is difficult to get insights of the data. So let's get started with data visualization. Matplotlib is go to library for data visualization. Let do some … Continue reading Getting Started With Matplotlib